Features You Can Count On


Collaboration. Agility. Control.

It's your business, with your unique requirements. XetusOne provides you with the tools you need to manage your Workflow, defining and refining your processes as you go.

Our business is to give you the tools you need to monitor your process, and we do so with our Timeline. Tasks, milestones and requests can easily be added along the way — keeping you in control. Do you know the appraisal is due, but you won't get it for another few days? Make the adjustment and move forward. You can arrange to be alerted when the appraisal arrives.


We don't define your workflow, we just make it simple for you to do so.

The auto-pull feature is great... automatically pulling loans submitted through our [Mortagebot] front-end application system every half hour into our XetusOne system so they are ready to work on right away.

Contract Loan Processor