Features You Can Count On

Reporting and Exporting

Intuitive. Agile. Simple.

Reporting is a necessity. Pipeline Reports. Marketing Reports. Management Reports. Sales Results. Find the information you need and present it clearly and accurately. Designed for speed and simplicity, you can find the information you need at your fingertips.

Ad hoc reporting is available to you and your users quickly and easily. Recurring reports with more refined, detailed information can be defined for recurring use without having to re-key or re-map data. Reports can be exported directly to MS Excel, including headers — no need to reformat the document.

You always control whether or not access is granted, and, if so, which documents can be viewed and printed, along with the duration of time that access to the documents is allowed.


Kept simple — with all the power and flexibility you need.

The auto-pull feature is great... automatically pulling loans submitted through our [Mortagebot] front-end application system every half hour into our XetusOne system so they are ready to work on right away.

Contract Loan Processor