Features You Can Count On

Electronic Loan Folder

Familiar. Agile. Intuitive.

You need to close loans quickly and accurately. Your LOS should help, not lead you through a blizzard of mouse clicks to just import liabilities or browse the 1003.

Designed for speed and simplicity — not pizzazz — the XetusOne electronic loan folder is accessible by you from anywhere, anytime. There's no need to install software, or even carry your laptop. XetusOne is true SaaS Loan Origination Software that's as easy to use as it is to open.

You don't have to re-key information or leave the program to order services from your settlement providers.


All the information you need. At at glance. At your fingertips.

The auto-pull feature is great... automatically pulling loans submitted through our [Mortagebot] front-end application system every half hour into our XetusOne system so they are ready to work on right away.

Contract Loan Processor