Features You Can Count On

Data Integrity and Compliance

Transparency. Compliance. Control.

You work in an industry based on compliance. Today, more than ever before, your internal Quality Control group is more demanding. Your investors have stricter guidelines. Your Secondary Marketing group is looking at files earlier in the pipeline.

XetusOne gives you the complete audit trail you need — change logs, electronic document management, milestones, notes and alert logs. Your data is maintained at our SAS-70 compliant data center — ready and at your finger-tips the day the auditor shows up. When you're asked for it, you've got it — all online, all with a few simple clicks.


Change log, notes, audit trail — a simple view, one mouse click away. We even give you the ability to export it.

The auto-pull feature is great... automatically pulling loans submitted through our [Mortagebot] front-end application system every half hour into our XetusOne system so they are ready to work on right away.

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