Features You Can Count On

Borrower Collaboration

Collaboration. Transparency. Agility.

What does each new customer mean to you? One loan? Two? What about referrals? Second homes? Refi's?

Collaboration with your borrower drives trust. Trust that you're working with them. Trust that you are their partner and are working together with them in their best interest. Giving them the ability to collaborate with you in real time on their loan file develops that trust.


This picture shows the Borrower's access — A Loan Originator, Processor, or other authorized person in your organization may provide this limited access to the borrower — allowing them to see and participate in the completion of the 1003 as well as reviewing any documents you've given them access to.


The auto-pull feature is great... automatically pulling loans submitted through our [Mortagebot] front-end application system every half hour into our XetusOne system so they are ready to work on right away.

Contract Loan Processor