Features You Can Count On

XetusOne brings together the many different parties to a loan — originators, mortgage brokers, and service providers — to improve efficiency and accuracy across the life of the application, from loan origination through closing and secondary marketing.

XetusOne includes these potent features:

Electronic loan folder
- the XetusOne folder interface organizes loan data and workflow, backed by a relational database in a SAS-70 compliant environment 
Pipeline transparency
- participants throughout the process can see what they need from a common data set, thanks to a central server 
Borrower collaboration
- borrowers can help complete the application, see their credit report, and receive imaged pre-disclosures live on the initial call 
Data integrity and compliance
- XetusOne enforces internal data consistency and provides audits at each step of processing 
Data capture
- XetusOne imports existing loan data in all the industry-standard data formats; XetusOne retrieves reports for standard services such as credit, automated underwriting, and mortgage insurance 
Image capture
- users upload and fax images directly into the electronic loan folder; supporting professionals contribute to the loan folder via secure fax delivery 
Integrated services
- web services integrations provide one-stop credit, automated underwriting, mortgage insurance, valuation, docs, and more 
Integrated initial disclosures
- XetusOne includes the full Harland GreatDocs form library 
Compliant document sets
- one click returns fully compliant closing sets from leading document-preparation vendors 
Secure document delivery
- our flexible web tool delivers documents to employers or depositories - even directly to the closing table 
Audit trail
- XetusOne captures comments by participants and keeps a record of key changes to the data 
- XetusOne marks milestones, schedules tasks, and alerts users at critical steps 
Reporting and exporting
- XetusOne provides several different flexible reporting options and exports loans in all industry-standard formats 
HMDA compliance
- XetusOne supports detailed Loan Application Register report data and connects to third-party compliance services 
Flexible administration
- administrators set user privileges and control access to vendor services 

The auto-pull feature is great... automatically pulling loans submitted through our [Mortagebot] front-end application system every half hour into our XetusOne system so they are ready to work on right away.

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