XetusOne offers greater efficiency, lower costs, tighter data integrity, and stricter compliance than traditional loan-origination systems. Users enjoy these key benefits:

Ease of use
- Xetus software presents each user with an intuitive interface tailored to that person's role. Help is just a phone call away, and most users take just hours to master XetusOne. The central server handles the subtleties of collaborative access. 
Full connectivity
- Users collaborate in real time to process mortgage loans collaboratively, in real time. Underwriters and processors pass control back and forth while nailing critical details. Managers oversee the pipeline. Supporting data and documents are visible to those who need them, with transparency to secondary marketing. 
Immediate deployment
- Like SaaS services in other markets, XetusOne works with customers' existing computer systems. There's nothing to purchase or install. A customer can sign up for XetusOne and be originating mortgages the same day. XetusOne is already connected to credit, AUS, flood, valuation, and MI, so all a new user needs is existing login credentials. 
Significant cost savings
- By replacing bulging file cabinets and couriered documents with organized, task-sorted folders, XetusOne reduces the cost of processing mortgages for everybody. 
Data integrity and fraud prevention
- A central database helps XetusOne guarantee data integrity. A unified loan folder simplifies corroboration of data between faxed/scanned documents and live loan data. Lenders monitor loan applications throughout the funding process, reducing the opportunity for unauthorized data manipulation and fraud. 
Pay-as-you-go, pass-through pricing
- Xetus bills each loan folder independently, with pricing that passes straight through to the borrower HUD-1. There are no seat license or maintenance fees. 
Secondary-market appeal
- XetusOne captures complete picture of a loan, for eventual delivery to the secondary market over the Internet. The combination of data transparency and integrity appeals to today's cautious secondary buyers. 

XetusOne was introduced to us just before a great industry upheaval. We were in the process of revamping our business model and XetusOne's comprehensive scope and collaboration tools enabled us to complete that retooling.

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